Filing NIL return through the NEW Sms Facility

The digital era has ought a lot of changes in our life we are totally dependent on the internet for our smallest use
. Obviously, it is not easy to manage everything sitting at one place specially for the business world.
But, some people are trying their best so we can avail every single facility from the comfort of our home and
the good news is that now you can file NIL return through SMS. So, If you don’t know how to file a NIL return
through SMS then you need not to worry because in this article we’ll let you know everything related to it.

Let’s see if you need to file NIL return or not-” Who needs to file NIL RETURN”?

GST return is generally filed by all business person which comes under partnership, limited liability partnership
and private companies. If you are thinking of starting a business then filing NIL return and GST is a neccesity,
but it also marks a precondition – filing gst and NIL return is only mandatory for those who has a turnover of rs.
20 lacks per year.
Is it necessary to file NIL return?
Yes, according to the new govt act it is neccessary for all the businessman to file NIL return regardless of your
business structure,composition scheme structure or turnover is , in case of no liabiliy- a NIL return needs to be
filled. You can register yourself from here-

What is the eligibility criteria for filling NIL returns through sms?

Mentioned below is the eligibilty criteria –
You must be a critizen of INDIA
No supplies of good or services must be there, no reverse charge tax,no pending late fees or interest or fines
payable; or claims for any input tax credit .
Your phone number should be registered wit the gst portal.
The registered gst number must not be to any other authority of gst.

How to file NIL return through SMS?

In this article we will tell you step by step procedure for filing a NIL return through SMS
Step-1 Enter your details in the following format NIL 3B GSTIN tax period (mmyyyy) through your registered
mobile number and send it to 14409.
Step-2 A confirmation code will be sent to you by the tax departement. You have to copy the code and paste it
in another format CNF 3B Confirmation code and send it to the same number 14409.
Step-3 You will receive an ARN (Acknowledgement Reference Number).By using this ARN number you can track
your status from the website – .
With using this you can track your status and make sure to pay your gst on time otherwise they charge a late

fees of Rs.100/per day. The last date to file the gst NIL return is till 11th of every month. For any other
information related to gst you can visit their portal .

What to do if I miss the due date of filing an ITR?

So, you have missed the deadline and now you are looking for alternatives, if yes then you are on the right spot
Here’s what you can do if you accidentaly missed the deadline of filing an ITR.
There is something known as “Belated ITR” which means the you have missed you due date of filing your ITR
and now you have to go for belated ITR. It really can cost you some penny for filing a belated ITR. But, to know
how to file a belated ITR. Keep reading!
The procedure for filing an ITR and a belated ITR is almost the same. The differences are-
your returns under section 139(1) you have to file it under ITR section 139(4).

What are the penalties for filing late income tax?

There are a number of penalities you have to go through if you miss the due date. so, try to fill ITR on time.
Penalities you have to go through are-
According to the section 234F, you have to pay an amount of RS 10000. Elaborating this, if you filed the ITR
after november 2020 and december 2020 then you have to pay an amount of Rs. 5000/- but if you exceed it to
december 2020 then you have to pay a total amount of Rs. 10,000.

Your time will be reduced for revising the returns.According to the new act, the revised time has been
decreased to one year for submiting an error free ITR.
Your returns will be delayed by the government if you delay the process of filing an ITR.

So, to conclude – The more you delay in filing an ITR more it will be delayed from the government side and you
will also have to pay the charges. But, why to delay the process if you can file your NIL returns through SMS.

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