How do you get an internship at college?

Hello College Crowd!
So, you have finally made it to your college life but want to explore the next step towards your career and want to land on your dream Company?
We all know that college life is the most fun period yet stressful. From Semester Exams to Semester Fest you need to attend Everything and while everything is moving very fast you also need to complete the Industrial Visit and Project in your college.
So, to enter the industry of your field and find your perfect job. You need to go through an Internship Period.

What are the types of Internships?

  • Paid Internship
  • Unpaid Internship
  • Non-Profit Organization Internship
  • Private Sector Internships
  • Government Approved Internship.

In order to get a good internship, you should really clear with a few things.

Things to keep in mind while applying for your internship.

  1. Consider your Education Background – It is very crucial to consider your educational background before applying to any Internship. One mistake which students often make while searching or applying for internships is that they apply on every job applications sites and every job that comes along their way.

You should really choose quality over anything and applying to every job won’t leave a good impression on the industry. Select your dream company and try to apply to those companies and perform well during your internship period.

2. Identify your skills- Try everything out and know what are you good at! The one thing i have learned from my internship period is that you should really learn everything at the company and explore every department. Know what you can do without looking at the clock.

3. Explore your network – If you really wish to land your dream company then you better start making efforts for it. Explore your network online and offline. Make as many connections as you can and communicate with them about it.

How do students get internships?

Getting your first internship is not a piece of cake if your college is not providing you with resources. Students often complain that the placement cell is not good and is not building opportunities for their students.

If you are also one of them then you need to stop complaining about it and start working on the solution. Try out these tips-

  1. College Resouces – By college resources we don’t mean your faculty or placement cell. Try considering your seniors or people who were in your college and got placed. Contact them via Linkedln, Instagram or Facebook.

Most of people working in an organization knows what the management needs and refer your name to them. Keep good connections with those people.

2. Meeting People Online – Send as many connect requests as your can on Linkedln Into people working in the company or in a similar industry. Most of them ignore your request but few will accept and you need to build your connection with them and ask them for the opportunity.

3. Contact the Companies – Contact the company directly either via mail or Phone call. Companies are always looking for value addition in their company. Mention the relevant skills in your mail and ask politely if they have an internship for students.

What do you do in a college internship?

There are various reasons why it is mandatory to go through industrial training and experience while you are pursuing college. Some universities make it mandatory for their students to go through an internship while others do not. But, personally, I think you should do as many internships as you can during your college period. The reasons are mentioned below-

Work Exposure – We learn many things in college but the work exposure and the life you are going to live after that can only be measured by living the experience. Work exposure is very crucial for college students. When you enter any company then you get to know what work is required to do on a daily basis.

Salary Estimation – Money is a very important part of our life and when you are looking for a job, one of the most considerable criteria is Money. The CTC and salary estimation your job is going to make can be determined while working in the organization.

Clear Career Goals- The internship will provide you with an opportunity to know whether you want to work in your industry or not. This will make you sure of the future you are going to lead in the next few years.

Can I do internship along with college?

Yes, the answer is a BIG “YEESSSSSS”. Internships are a company training periods that you must complete during your college period. There are various factors related to it.

  1. Stipend / Non-Stipend Based – You must try to get a stipend-based internship but if you are having a tough time finding it then you can go with the non- stipend based but make sure the profile matches your career objective.
  2. Learning Environment – The more you experience the more you will learn. Make sure the company or organization you are entering helps you adapt a lot of things and you become more skillful after that.

What are the requirements to get an internship?

An internship is basically a training period and since you are still learning you don’t need many things while applying for an internship. But there are a few requirements they have-

  1. Learning Nature – Make sure you mention yourself as a learner while going through the internship round. The more you will learn the more work you can do in the company.
  2. Decent Resume – Many students often make the mistake of making their resume too colorful or too decorative but all the organization is looking for is a Decent Candidate with a decent Resume. Mention all your details and keep it simple.

We hope you find this article helpful, internships are the first exposure to company in your life. We wish you all the best and hope that you get an internship in your dream company! Take care!

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