Why is Supr Daily shutting down?

In a world, where groceries and essentials are delivered within a click. Swiggy Supr Daily is shutting down.

The founder of the Swiggy Supr Daily ” Phani Kishan” has announced the changes on the blog this morning and you can also view the changes being mentioned by the company on the blog.


But the main reason for shutting down the super daily subscription-based model is the surge in demand and the shortage of delivery partners. The company has also mentioned all the details and changes that will be made. If you were a swiggy supr daily customer, you need to check whether the service is still open in your city. Maybe from tomorrow, you need to wake up and get groceries by yourself.

Supr Daily, a subscription-based delivery platform has decided to close its operation in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai. But, the article also says that they will serve the consumers in Bangalore and double their efforts to make the model more profitable in Bangalore.

Supr Daily was acquired by swiggy in 2018 and it really helped swiggy boost its business. The founders believe that they have tracked down one of the major daily challenging problems and as a result they have managed to come so far with the subscription-based model. But due to various factors which include not finding the profitability in the model and expenditure more than revenue. The model is getting closed but you can now turn up to other business models in the market such as blink it, zepto, etc.

As the operations are shut in the 6 cities the employees and delivery partners have also been affected by this. But, the Founders have said that they have a proper closing plan and will restructure the organization to make it less painful for the employees and delivery partners working in these cities. Phani also mentioned that they want to take the whole responsibility for the closure plan and have arranged conferences and meetings for any queries of the detained employee or delivery partner.

In which cities Supr Daily is available?

After shut down in few cities, Supr daily is only available in Bangalore/ Banguluru. Other cities have been shut down due to various reasons. The Founders also promised that they will return back to the cities once they figure out how to reach their established goals.

He stated ” We have spend a lot of money and strategies, resources to make our business model fit for the market but we lost our focus on hitting our goals. After, we figure out everything and make the model hit our goal we will be back in your city”.

Who owns Supr Daily App?

Supr Daily is owned by Swiggy from Puneet Kumar, Shreyas Nagdawane, and Rohit Jain. The company was first owned by the three musketeers. An app for the delivery of daily needs good in a few minutes. Initially, the company was providing its service in a few cities and in 2018, Swiggy a giant food delivery company acquired Supr Daily. According to the founders of Supr Daily, the app has a lot of potential in the model, and then the financing and restructuring of the company were proved not to be that successful. The Swiggy acquired company then has planned to give them a restructure the financial budget.

The Supr Daily platform had a customer base of 1 million and now the services have decreased to only one city. After the revamping and restructuring of the budget, the company has planned to build the network in other parts of India.

When did Swiggy acquire Supr Daily?

Supr Daily was acquired by Swiggy in 2018. Supr Daily was originally founded by Puneet Kumar and Shreyas Nagdawane and it was operating in a few cities at the beginning but as the model started to spread. The food logistics giant Swiggy acquired Supr Daily and integrated it into various groceries and essential delivering services.

The closing of the Supr daily has raised many questions on the management and the organization. Swiggy is among one of the biggest food delivering logistics in India and has an evaluation of . The company has raised funds of $1.25 billion from investors and is fulfilling the need of almost every corner in India. The Supr Daily also has a very huge contribution to valuation of the company. Supr Daily was serving 50,000 customers on a daily basis and was delivering 2,00000 goods every day.

Is Supr Daily closing?

Yes, one of the biggest consumer need business is shutting down for a period of time. The tier-1 cities were very dependent on the model and it fulfilled the necessity of the individual in the morning. The closing of Supr Daily is very upsetting if you like in any of the cities mentioned above but you can still avail yourself services in Bangalore/Bengaluru.

The revamping and restricting of the model will take time and founders have said that this is not the end. The whole organization is working on bringing the facilities back to all the tier-1 cities. We will like to hear the Supr Daily resuming back to our state and as soon as we get to know the information we will also tell you about it. So, stay updated till then.

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